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UCLA Graduate Student Resource Center

What is Programming Committee?

The GSRC Programming Committee is a team of graduate students that plan events for the UCLA graduate student community centered around the following areas: diversity and inclusion, health and well-being, financial wellness, graduate students with dependents, and first-generation graduate students.


The GSRC Programming Committee advocates for and implements campus programs to enhance graduate student community and improve the graduate student experience.


The following values are representative of the 2021-2022 GSRC Programming Committee and were determined through group consensus and discussion.

Equity & Inclusion

  • We welcome all graduate communities and strive to provide inclusive programming that acknowledges the diverse identities and experiences of the graduate student population.


  • We are dedicated to fostering a welcoming community that inspires students to seek peer support and sustain wellness practices including community and self-care.


  • We welcome the input and feedback of all graduate students to create intentional programming centered around their needs.


  • We strive to promote an enjoyable, energetic, and community based environment for all Programming Committee members and graduate students.


  • We recognize authenticity as essential to any work that is creative and intentional. We believe building trust, honoring honesty, and prioritizing relationships is key to building community-oriented programs on campus.


  • We make efforts to work with other departments and organizations to collaborate, share ideas, and bring programming to under-served and underrepresented parts of campus.


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