GSRC Services

Printer located inside the Graduate Student Resource Center.


Free, impartial, drop-in or scheduled consultation is available with our Director and Assistant Director, both who hold Ph.D.s, to discuss any questions you may have regarding topics such as:

  • Transitioning into your graduate program
  • Negotiating with your advisor or mentor
  • Navigating campus resources (for example, we help you find the correct office/contact for your specific situation, including crisis management)
  • How to get involved on campus
  • Connecting to offices on campus that manage your financial resources and funding searches
  • Connecting to offices that offer you professional development opportunities


    When we meet with you, our goals are:

  • To save you time. We know your time is extremely limited; bouncing around a lot of offices on campus will waste your time. Talk to us first.
  • To listen impartially.
  • To help you determine your next steps.
  • To make services and processes that can help you be academically and personally successful more transparent and accessible to you.



Specialists from the UCLA Career Center who work specifically with master’s, PhD, and Professional School Students are available weekly on Tuesdays from 2-3:30 during the academic year for drop-in counseling. They hold expertise in all career pathways, including those in and outside of academia. During the rest of the week and the summer, visit more information. It’s never too early to think about your job search. To schedule an appointment time or find out about more career counseling drop-in hours, click here.




Can't find a place to meet or study on campus? Talk to us about using our GSRC space. And feel free to drop in and study whenever we are open (9am-5pm on weekdays; closed on weekends).


We know graduate programs can be isolating! Drop-in at the GSRC. Our staff is friendly, and there are almost always people from many different departments here at the GSRC who are happy to meet you.


We offer 250 pages of free printing per quarter (and an additional 250 pages during the summer) to all registered UCLA graduate and professional school students.