Graduate Student Resource Center Staff

UCLA’s Graduate Student Resource Center office staff is comprised of professional full-time staff, graduate and professional school students, and undergraduate students, all who are motivated by providing a healthy and welcoming environment for graduate and professional school students.

Meet our Team


Sarah Valdovinos

Assistant Director

Fun Fact: In college, I was on an episode of a TV cooking show

Sarah Valdovinos manages programs, operations, and initiatives for the UCLA Graduate Student Resource Center. Though work with Graduate Student Orientation, Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity Day, campus committees, and partnerships, she is dedicated to creating a welcoming environment for all graduate and professional students at UCLA. Sarah received a B.S. with credential in EC-4 Education from the University of North Texas and a M.Ed. in Student Affairs from UCLA.

Advice for Graduate Students: Get to know your resources and find time for yourself.  Your health and well-being is most important.

Sofia Bautista

Administrative Specialist

Fun Fact: I love roller coasters and hoping to cross sky diving off my bucket list soon!

Sofia assists with the day to day operations for the Graduate Student Resource Center and Graduate Writing Center. She is committed to fostering a positive and friendly environment at the GSRC and GWC. Sofia received a B.A. in Psychology with a minor in Education from UCLA.

Advice for Graduate Students: Explore all your resources, the GSRC is a great place to begin this process. Also, take time to meet and interact students and colleagues outside of your department.

Office Assistants


Office Assistant

Program: Design Media Arts with a minor in Cognitive Science

Fun Fact: I love spicy foods and will put hot sauce on everything.

Jongho is a third year undergraduate student from San Jose, majoring in Design Media Arts while also pursing a minor in Cognitive Science. His academic interests are in graphic design and human computer interaction. He loves listening to hip-hop music, cooking for his friends, and discovering new podcasts. 

Advice for Graduate Students: Never be afraid to ask questions. Nobody knows everything.



Office Assistant 

Program: Undeclared Humanities

I am a second year undergraduate student at UCLA from the Pasadena area. My academic interests are Art History and Philosophy, but I also have a sincere passion for painting and drawing. My goals for this upcoming year are to create more art, and finally figure out my major. Additionally, I love volunteering at philanthropic nonprofit organizations geared towards helping children. I also enjoy listening to music, watching sitcoms, and eating chocolate pie.


Office Assistant

Program: Human Biology and Society

Fun Fact: I frequently burst out into song (even though I am not a great singer!)

Shannon is a first year undergraduate student at UCLA currently majoring in Human Biology and Society, and hoping to add a minor in the Humanities realm. She absolutely loves coffee and avocados, especially when these can be enjoyed at the beach! She also likes to take spin classes and do yoga. With a desire to see the world, Shannon hopes to travel abroad! 

Advice for Graduate Students: 

You are capable of anything and everything! Remember how hard you worked to get where you are today, and know that you will succeed as long as you continue to work hard!