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UCLA Graduate Student Resource Center

The GSRC works to understand graduate and professional student needs, to connect graduate and professional students to resources and services, and to advocate for their well-being and success.


The UCLA Graduate Student Resource Center envisions itself as the nexus of graduate student services on campus, serving as a data-informed advocate for graduate student needs.


COLLABORATION – the GSRC strives to develop and achieve shared goals with key stakeholders in meeting the needs of graduate students and works to promote collaboration and cross-disciplinary engagement among students and student groups

HOLISTIC APPROACH – the GSRC is concerned with the development and well-being of the whole student

DIVERSITY – the GSRC works to create an inclusive campus climate while supporting specific student populations and different academic fields

EQUITY – the GSRC recognizes that there are disparities in the availability of resources and opportunities for students and seeks to address these concerns

ENGAGEMENT – the GSRC should facilitate student engagement with each other and with the campus community upon admission to the university and throughout their time at UCLA

SUPPORT - the GSRC must make sure that student voices are heard and that the collective knowledge of the student and professional staff, and the many volunteers is shared with other students, staff, and faculty.

ADVOCACY – the GSRC must advocate for the needs of graduate students collectively and individually

FLEXIBILITY – the GSRC must maintain its ability to adapt and change while staying within its mission and scope